Specialist in Natural Woven Willow Fencing

Harvesting and Storage

Harvesting Willow is done by Burnham Willow throughout the winter when the sap is down, the less sap in your willow the better it will store and last.
Over the years we have managed and harvested from our own Willow beds in Norfolk.
This is a labour intensive task cutting the Willow with either chainsaws and at times the 'old way' with a traditional Bill-Hook. It then has to be bundled 'tied into Bolts' transported back to our yard then left outside for a while before being stored in dry airy barns where it can season.
Most Bundles or Bolts of Willow containing about 20 'Withies' or Rods of Willow will have been handled four or five times before it is made into our beautiful fences.