Specialist in Natural Woven Willow Fencing

Maintenence of our products

Burnham Willow Fencing and other products are strong and durable, but there are a number of ways to keep your product in better condition and ultimately extend the life of your Willow fence.
Little or no management is necessary as they age gently and can last 10-15 years. As we now use a tighter weave we conceal a number of metal posts within our fences so they will last even longer.
We maintain our Burnham Willow Fences using a mixture of 30/70 Boiled Linseed Oil mixed with a Turps substitute which can be annualy or Bi-annualy srayed onto the Fencing, other products can also be used. Sometimes it can be appropriate to plant a hedge after construction of your product or by planting climbing plants on your fence, which apart from looking very nice, can twist and wind their way through the fences helping longevity, they must be managed though and not get too top heavy or bushy. We are always able to give advice on the care and management of our hand made structures and fencing.